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The winter of 1994 marks the starting point of my journey into the world of woodworking. My first exposure to woodworking came in a dusty wood shop that built fireplace mantels. Over the years I worked in other shops that made custom cabinetry and furniture, but it wasn’t until January 2008 before I chose to study the art of fine woodworking.

In furniture I always held true to one rule. There are no boundaries of trend or style, only imagination and inspiration serve to guide the way. There hasn’t been any formal education in woodworking, just on the job, and lots of books.

I blend modern-day aesthetics with the refinement of authentic tools from the past. My efforts are to design compelling pieces of expression, as well as pieces which offer purpose. Using only hand tools, I am able to refine and shape each custom piece I designed. My goal is for my work to remain unique, simply because it is made by hand.