The Silk Armoire Part 2

Fun with chisels...

Fun with chisels…

Making a Mockery….

One of the “awesome” things about using cad, or sketch up to design my work, I end up with a vague idea of the end result. With each project I find myself back at the first language of cabinet making I know- The Story Stick. Computers are great, but having the actual stock in front of you is even better. The smallest difference like a 1/16 can alter the final result. Often wood isn’t the exact thickness your drawing calls for so rely on the computer generated drawing for a rough guide, not the finer dimensions of joinery.Hinge open Joinery Map making a mockery mockery complete

With that being said, I’ve made many story sticks for this project already. Check and re-checking measurements along the way to make sure my tape didn’t expand or contract over night. In this post I’m discussing how a story stick drawn onto the left corner post serves as the registry point for all surrounding joinery.

This is a good time to pause and make sure that the hinges to be used in this project will even work at all. The hinge of choice was the Blum Inset Hinge with the “Soft Close” feature. Each door will be made to receive four hinges due to the size of the doors. Using my front left corner post, I registered everything from the square side (joinery side) of the post. Since my design will taper, the front and side faces of the corner post will not be left square in the final piece. I only took the time to make sure one corner was dead square, and marked it. The idea behind the mock-up was to confirm smooth hinge operation with the door against the corner post. Taking the time to create a mock-up is very good idea, especially when its a new design (like this one), with a hinge you’ve never installed (also like this one). The worst feeling in the world of woodworking would be to arrive at the end only to find out the design was flawed and the $100 you spent in hinges must be returned for a different style of hinge, which would translate into two spoiled doors, and the cost and time of making two new ones.

Mock ups are the way to go-





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